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WeChat marketing has many advantages. Bathroom companies should make good use of it.

Editor:admin │ Release Time:2018-08-17 

Brand promotion is an indispensable part of the bathroom enterprise to become bigger and stronger. In the past, sanitary ware companies mainly relied on television, newspapers, magazines and other media to promote brand awareness. Today, when the Internet is popular, these traditional promotion methods are more or less outdated. Nowadays, there are low-headed people everywhere, all walks of life are moving closer to the Internet. The advantages of WeChat marketing are gradually emerging. When do bathroom companies need to wait for more?

As a product developed by Mobile Internet, WeChat is not only a mobile phone application with innovative functions. It has become the representative of the Chinese electronic revolution. Smartphones with a coverage rate of over 90% have become an indispensable daily use tool in people's lives. Therefore, if the sanitary ware enterprises do not currently do WeChat marketing, they will not be able to stand firm in the competition in the future.

First, the industry market is broad

As of May 13, 2015, Tencent announced its 2015 performance report. At the end of the first quarter of 2015, WeChat monthly active users reached 549 million. Covering +200 countries, covering +20 languages, the brand micro-signal reaches +8 million. The scale of living consumption directly driven by WeChat has reached 11 billion yuan.

Second, the marketing cost is low

The traditional bathroom marketing promotion cost is high, and the use of WeChat software itself is free, and various functions will not charge fees. The Internet traffic generated when using WeChat is charged by the network operator for relatively low traffic charges, that is, WeChat from Registration, opening, and use are almost free, so the cost of WeChat marketing activities through WeChat is naturally very low.

Third, accurate positioning marketing

The WeChat public account makes the classification of fans more diverse. Bathroom companies can achieve accurate information push through user grouping and geographical control in the background of the public number. In other words, bathroom companies can push different information for different fans and more accurately filter and push. For example, if your Shandong dealer engages in activities, you can select Shandong fans to push the information of this event.

Fourth, the information arrival rate is high

WeChat is 100% accessible to individuals. As long as this person is still using WeChat, he can see the news. Fans can really receive the information you push. This is higher than Weibo and can be equal to QQ.

In general, WeChat marketing has become the trend of all industries, and sanitary companies can only stand out in the market competition by firmly grasping market opportunities. According to changes in market demand and changes in market consumer demand, companies can gain a larger position in market competition.