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Five elements of bathroom decoration, comprehensively remove safety hazards

Editor:admin │ Release Time:2018-08-20 

There are many links in the design and design of the bathroom, not both aesthetic and comfort. The basic purpose of the bathroom decoration is to satisfy the basic functionality. Households with old people and children should pay more attention to it. In the process of bathroom decoration, all kinds of safety hazards need to be removed. A safety accident occurs accidentally. Sharp sanitary ware, the floor slip resistance of the floor tiles is up to standard, the bathroom has safety rails and other details need to be carefully checked. Xiaobian specially brings the five elements of bathroom decoration to everyone, safe and reliable first!

Element 1 non-slip floor tiles

A slippery slate tile floor is placed to prevent slipping out of the bathtub or shower. If you still like the marble material, Xiao Bian recommends special safety treatment on the surface, such as sandblasting or staggered texture, resulting in anti-slip effect.

Element 2 Safety armrest

Safety handrails are usually installed for the elderly and children, and can be used to make it easier to use, but for the sake of safety, Xiaobian recommends that families in need can install. Because I don't know when I will fall in the bathroom space.

Element 3 absorbent mat

Some families will put a towel in the dry and wet junction area of the bathroom space to dry the feet. Xiaobian suggested that you can buy a carpet with water absorption, taking away the moisture on your feet.

Element 4 Comfortable water temperature

In the cold weather, you can take a warm bath, which is the most comfortable thing! But did not notice that the water temperature will be burnt, Xiao Bian suggested that the water heater can be adjusted to below 40 °C. In this way, even if the child turns on the hot water, it will not be burned.

Element 5 Heating equipment

Cold bathing is the most painful. The elders have problems with heart load. In fact, there are already humanized devices on the market, such as warm air dryers, which include ventilation, warm air, dryness, cool air, etc. Features. It is a cold winter, and it can also maintain a comfortable temperature when entering the bath, so that friends of all sizes will not catch cold.